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Another coffee adventure: have you tried a “Saigon”?

Another coffee adventure: have you tried a “Saigon”?

Saigon coffee

Don’t you love it how you can take your tastebuds on an adventure – even without leaving your hometown?

Today I had a creative project meeting and my friend suggested a cool cafe I hadn’t been to before.

red phone

I always like to try different cafe treats and on the menu they had a “Saigon” – which is a Vietnamese-style iced coffee.

Coffee served with ice and with evaporated milk – a very sweet and “cool” experience – and it gets sweeter as you get closer to the bottom of your drink. It was a pleasant change – getting my caffeine kick in a sweeter and smoother way. It was so good I ordered another one!

Here’s a link to another recent coffee “adventure” in a different cool cafe trying a “Dirty Chai”

dirty chai

If you like coffee and design or retro or  vinyl records – you may enjoy these images:

logovinyl coffee

Why I love coffee so much:


Hi I’m Tony Biancotti

When I worked as a TV reporter and travel show producer, I used to love visiting cafes around the world  – sampling the delights from refined European coffees to rough and earthy Timor coffees.

One of my less-insulting nicknames as a reporter was “Tony Tea and Coffee” (instead of Tony Biancotti) – because I’d always be off trying the local cafes and tea and coffee.

vespa coffee cup

TB note taking at ST

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2 comments on “Another coffee adventure: have you tried a “Saigon”?

  1. bouwMan
    October 6, 2016

    I brought home a vietnamese coffee maker, but somehow it is not the same without Vietnamese grown and ground coffee, which is available here if you look for it. I prefer mine hot, even though cold is nice.

  2. efangelist
    November 22, 2016

    Reblogged this on efangelist.

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