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What do YOU love most about coffee? (Part 1)

What do YOU love most about coffee? 

Is it the taste? The caffeine kick? The look and colour of coffee? The smell?

coffee time

I confess, I am a “coffee tragic” – right now I’m sipping a strong, stove-top espresso Italian roast – alternating between writing this post and gazing lovingly at coffee logos from around the world (on Google images). I told you I’m a caffiend! – a fiend for the bean.

yellow vespa cup

I love design and art and business logos and signs – I’m not saying I’m good at design myself – but I DO “grok” it and appreciate great design.

I am forever fascinated with the creativity of coffee “business art” and how good coffee art (logos/signs etc)  captures the promise of the joys of coffee.

Here are three of my favourites I saw this morning. I plan to share others in future posts.

Under each image (from Google Images) I will share a link to the page so you can find out  more if you are interested.

I’m not associated with any of these places – just a fan of their artistic design.

As you may know, there are so many cafes and coffee providers – it’s important to differentiate and stand out from the pack and build a loyal following.


Doubleshot sign

I love this name and sign from a coffee bar in South Africa – using the coffee beans (as many logos and signs do). Fat funky letters – interesting that they are heavier on top than the usual “heaviness” at the bottom of the letters. Usually, signs are in rich coffee colours. This black and white design “works for me!”

I know there are many cafes around the world also called Doubleshot – even some near where I live!

If you are interested – here’s a quote from this link where designers discuss why they like the sign. (Nice to know other people enjoy analysing and discussing this stuff as much as I do.)

“This logo evokes a taste of the coffee just through the illustration of the coffee beans. Besides that, the font used combines brilliantly with the beans and all in all, the logo imparts a relaxed friendly place to drink a good coffee. Mmmm, just smell that coffee….


logovinyl coffee

This logo from an Arizona cafe connects with me as a coffee lover – and as a musician.

Despite the initial “horror” of a the thought of a hot cup of coffee being on precious vinyl – I dig the promise of both coffee and music. Love the name too – the rush – the kick of coffee.

Must find out more about this place! Sounds like a band name! VRC reminds be of TCB (takin’ care of business)



This is fundraiser – selling gourmet coffee to support school bands. Love the simple yet clever use of the bean in the quaver.

Why I love coffee so much:


Hi I’m Tony Biancotti

When I worked as a TV reporter and travel show producer, I used to love visiting cafes around the world  – sampling the delights from refined European coffees to rough and earthy Timor coffees.

One of my less-insulting nicknames as a reporter was “Tony Tea and Coffee” (instead of Biancotti) – because I’d always be off trying the local cafes and tea and coffee.

vespa coffee cup

TB note taking at ST

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