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How to get things done by eliminating excuses (Chris Brogan style)

Are your excuses stopping you from getting things done?

We all have excuses that we use to delay taking action.

no excuses

I really need this before I can start! 

I’ll do it tomorrow – when I have X!

I learn so much from US podcaster and business development expert – Chris Brogan.

I started avidly listening to get business tips – and I’ve found often his incidental lines and comments give me solutions to all sorts of life challenges as well – even how to get your kids to eat vegetables!

YOU know – everyday stuff as well as crucial serious business tips!

human business way copy

(Chris’s podcast – the Human Business Way)

In one Chris Brogan podcast I listened to,  he spoke about how he gets things done by getting rid of excuses he would normally use.

He talks about his determination to go to yoga classes and how he makes sure he  eliminates any excuses would give him a “reason” not to go.  (I’m paraphrasing here – but you get the idea!)

Chris makes sure he has all the things he needs (often prepared the night before) so he can’t have an excuse to wait until later.

I’ve been successfully applying his “eliminiate excuses” preparation ritual.

For example: I’m a very busy professional consultant, husband  and dad of 2 great kids.

Slide1 copy 5

I love to read and learn –  and when you’re a parent “your own time” becomes very compressed.

flanelette PJs

I find I’m freshest in the morning – after a good coffee!

My solution has been to get up at 4:30 a.m. every day (even on weekends) and use that quiet time when the kids are still asleep. My wife works morning radio so she is out the door even earlier!

If I want to learn new things to get ahead – I know I have to put in the effort and make time for development – even if that time is at 4:30 a.m.!

Anyway, it’s been getting colder as winter approaches in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s been more of a challenge to get out of bed in the cold darkness. It’s easy to make excuses and stay in the warm bed.

But thanks to Chris’s tip, I’m prepared – I’ve eliminated excuses.

(Now Chris may have borrowed this technique from someone else. I know he is always learning from others too!)

Just a few minutes ago, I prepared my warm hat and even a coat to help me face the chill tomorrow morning.

I’ve prepared all my coffee supplies for making a morning brew. I’m ready! There will be NO EXCUSES to stay in bed.

vespa coffee cup

I know it sounds so simple – and you maybe thinking:

Big deal! You got your things ready for the next day – but it’s a bit more than that. It’s an attitude  – a riual.

You honestly assess the excuses you give and make sure you have whatever you need so you can’t use those excuses.

It can apply to big work projects too.

Another big work  excuse is: “I’m  busy doing this other work”

Sure, that may be “work” too – but is it the work you need to be doing RIGHT NOW?

So – over to YOU!

What excuses delay or stop you from doing what you need to do?

What can you do to prepare to eliminiate excuses?

I found this a valuable and easy-to-apply tip! Little things can make a big difference!

Thanks Chris – again!!

If you’re interested, here’s a link to his website.

I originally started listening to his business and social media podcast tips  – but soon found he had lots of other life lessons from Chris  and his wide variety of guests.

I recommend Chris’s podcasts to lots of my creative friends – especially ones who are good at creating excuses!

If  YOU are specifically interested in the podcasts – here’s a link.


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