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As we remember the brilliance of Saul Bass – think about the power of a good logo


If you are like me you probably fell in love with the work of Saul Bass –  even before you know who he was.

movie postersaulbass

My mother worked as a usherette in a movie theatre and from an early age I was at the movies (for free) and loving movies – and movie posters.

Later in life, I went to Hitchcock movie festivals and I always loved the “look” of the posters – long before I’d even heard the name Saul Bass.

These days, I work helping organisations with their branding – through their visuals and their “copy”.


I’ve been thinking how good visuals connect with connotations and feelings that “are already inside us”.

If this area interests you – you’ll probably enjoy this analysis of good logos and good visual branding. I wrote it with Saul in mind! As you probably know, Saul designed many iconic corporate logos! In my opinion even his commercial “work” created “works of art”.



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