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Find out these #twitter twords :What is Twagiarism and Twademark? >

Learned new expressions today: Twagiarism and Twademark

Learned new expressions today:Twagiarism and Twademark

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If you are a fan of new words and new expressions (as I am) – you’ll probably dig posts about “new” words and expressions.

The positive side of being a word nerd

Some of these expressions may have been around for a  little while – but I will share these expressions  as I learn of them – figuring that these expressions may also be “new” to you too.

In this post: 1. Twagiarism and 2. Twademark

Twitter has created so many new expressions – some, in my opinion, are better than others. Some sound better because the TW-  prefix works well and sounds good when blended with  “the original”  word. See what you think!

1. Twagiarism – is where you plagiarise other people’s tweets and pass them of as your own.

IP whiteboard1

I first saw this expression as I was reading an interesting site that included IP issues about  social media and the law. Yes, I’m a self-confessed geek about social media and the law – as well as being a word nerd.

Anyway, the link to the site is below. One of the first uses of the expression was in a case about a Miss India contestant accused of plagiarising tweets from a Wall Street Journal columnist.


As a former lawyer turned word nerd journalist, I found it interesting that the principle of de minimus not curat lex applied.

The law (in this case of twagiarism) is not concerned with minor matters – such as 140 character messages.

Link to the full post here:

2. Twademark – trademark protection of the word Tweet – a case about whether a business could use the word TWEET or did that belong to Twitter?

IP whiteboard

(If you read that  headline out loud you sound like Elmer Fudd!)

Here’s the link to the IP Whiteboard  blog: (definitely worth a read!)


If you like making up Twords (Twitter words), feel free to add your creations in the comments below.

I love making up Twords like Twirting – flirting on twitter

and inTwigue – creating twitter message that intrigue

(Update: even though I arrived at Twirting independently – I found some other bad punster had also coined the expression)

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