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Find out these new #twitter expressions today:Tword and Twintern >

Learned new expressions today:Twintern and Tword

If you are a fan of new words and new expressions (as I am) – you’ll dig posts about “new” words and expressions.

The positive side of being a word nerd

Some of these expressions may have been around for a while – but I will share these expressions  as I learn of them – figuring that these expressions may be “new” to you too.

Twitter has created so many new expressions – some, in my opinion, are better than others. Some sound better because the TW-  prefix works well and sounds good.

Twintern “sounds right” and describes interns who work for organisations and are give the job of looking after the social media – especially Twitter and Facebook. Bosses often think things like “these young people should know about twitter – they can look after our company twitter”

I found this term on one of my favourite sites for new words – Wordspy:

Another expression I thought was amusing was Tword – describing the phenomenon when people try to create a trendy twitter word by just adding TW to and existing word – like TW +word + tword.

This was a Tword that grabbed my attention from the many twords on:

If you like making up words, feel free to add your creations in the comments below.

I love making up Twords like Twirting – flirting on twitter

and inTwigue – creating twitter message that intrigue

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