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Have you heard of this expression? Google-ganger




If you are a fan of new words and new expressions – you’ll dig posts about “new” words and expressions.

Some of these expressions may have been around for a while – but I will share these expressions  as I learn of them – figuring that these expressions may be “new” to you too.


This style of post is partly inspired by the great movie Empire of the Sun where a schoolboy in WWII learns so many lessons in life – including new words he hears.  This example is both innocent and sinister at the same time.

The actual quote is learned a new word – but I’ve expanded it to expression  for when it’s more than a single word

Learned a new word today: “Atom bomb”. It was like a white light in the sky, like God taking a photograph.


Anyway, the expression I heard for the first time today was Googleganger – a clever blend describing on-line equivalent of a doppelganger.

The expression has been around as early as 2008 and started going more mainstream in 2011 – but hey, maybe it’s a “new” expression for you too!  It was new for me and I am usually plugged into new words and expressions!

The expression uses the word Google because the end of the word sounds like doppel and by searching your name in Google you can find what other people in the world have your name.

I heard this expression on ABC radio this morning (thanks Steve Austin – ABC Brisbane) Now that’s a common name  – Steve Austin. Probably lots of Googlegangers there!

I searched for my Googlegangers – and found there are lots of Anthony/Tony/Antonio Biancottis in Italy (as you would imagine)  – and also in Argentina (which has a huge Italian immigrant population).

word nerd

Doppelganger comes from German and has a deeper connotation Double Goer or Double Walker – a shadowy or ghostly double. Spooky!

The more general meaning is someone who looks like you.

Googleganger – is someone who has the same name as you. People google for you and they get other people with the same name.

People with more familiar names will have more potential Googlegangers.

For example my Chris Adams Project collaborator (Chris Adams). People search for him and find a famous singer and wrestler.

Who is your Google-ganger?


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