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What YOU can learn from Monkeys: Boost your brand awareness and build loyal customers

What YOU can learn from Monkeys: Boost your brand awareness and build more loyal customers


If you want a great business branding and engagement “lesson” – you can learn a lot from the “lesson of the monkeys”.

What’s your “monkey”?

  • your brand differentiator
  • your “story” behind the brand
  • your opportunity for customer engagement?

Some products like bread can be very generic. Customers can get the same product in so many other places. You have to work harder if you have a common, more generic product or service offering.

When you have a “generic” product or offering, how can you

  1. create awareness for your brand
  2. stand out from competitors
  3. encourage customer engagement loyalty?

Recently, I needed some bread for my family.

I usually just  go “easy” and “generic”  – I pick up bread at the “servo” (service station) or at a supermarket.

This particular day was different – I was driving past what looked like an unusual bakery, so I thought I’d check it out.

The bakery is called The Flour Monkey Bakery. I’m not connected with the bakery in any way! I am a  Brisbane-based business communication consultant who just walked in to buy some bread – and left with  delicious bread AND a great example of clever branding and customer engagement

Sure there’s bread in the sign – but what really hooks my attention is the monkey – and the name. It’s an unusual combination and a memorable and fun name and sign!

the flour monkey sign

I walk in and I’m greeted by lots of colourful toy monkeys around the counter area.

So as I’m buying the bread, I’m curious and I ask about the name – and about all these monkeys.



Apparently “flour monkey” is a term that Brits use to describe  a baker. The owners are originally from Britain.

The colourful toy monkeys decorating the bakery are given by customers.

monkeys more 2

Apparently, loyal customers drive for miles to buy bread and to visit “their” monkeys.

monkeys more

1. The Flour Monkey name is distinctive and the sign is distinctive. It creates curiosity.

In my opinion – clever, effective  branding!

2. There’s a little “story”/explanation behind the name. The name has a meaning/connection.

3. I think displaying toy monkeys from the customers developed naturally (rather than as a deliberate business strategy).  Yet the bakery has encouraged what the customers want (to contribute part of themselves to the bakery).

I’ve seen similar strategies in cafes – where regular customers contribute part of themselves to the place – a photo, their own drawing or quote or decoration on a wall.

Customers keep coming back to something they feel part of and connected with. Sure, your product has to be good quality too – but the extra connection can create the  extra reason to do business with you.

flour monkey bakery

Simple, little  things create extra connections with a business. Extra connection can lead to greater customer engagement and long-time loyalty.

I can imagine kids who visit the Flour Monkey will grow up to be adult customers and maybe even take their kids to the bakery.

I’m so glad that Monkey sign hooked my attention in the first place!

I left with delicious bread  – and a head buzzing with business ideas.

Now, when I need bread – instead of just getting it from a supermarket or a servo, I’ll drive to the Flour Monkey.

I might even take the kids to see all the monkeys!

monkeys tb



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  1. efangelist
    March 27, 2017

    Reblogged this on efangelist and commented:

    I was just back there on the weekend stocking up – even though we now live many, many suburbs away. I guess they created a loyal customer in me!

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