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Weekend Writing Tips:short and sweet tweets

Weekend Writing Tips: short and sweet tweets

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If you want to improve your writing – you can learn a lot – as I do – from following the Australian Writers’ Centre 

Aust Writers Centre


I’m not connected with The Australian Writers Centre – I’m just a fan and a follower of the Centre’s tweets and posts and tips.

The positive side of being a word nerd

I’m a real Word Nerd who mainly helps business professionals improve their writing.

I study how writers from the Australian Writers’ Centre craft their  tweets.

Effective tweets need to be both short AND sweet.

Short –  writing concisely. Omitting needless words.

Sweet – sweetening the tweet with a human, conversational style. Adding some conversational words

If you write concisely – you have room within the 140 character limit to add  conversational filler words.

I find tweets from the Australian Writers’ Centre  stand out, hook my attention and promise “value”.

Here’s a great example of how the Australian Writers’ Centre writes concise and engaging tweets.

 You can learn from this example – the actual tweet and tips when you click on the  link.

Too many words? Some tips for slimming down the word count. 


This tweet uses the simple-yet-effective Problem – Solution technique (written in a conversational, natural style)

1. Start with a concise statement of a problem – even better if written as an engaging question

2. Promise tips to fix the problem (the solution)

ollivetii typewriter

(I know you don’t tweet from typewriters – I just LOVE typewriters and most writers I know LOVE typewriters too!)



Now, in writing tweets – when you  add filler words (words you don’t really need) you sound more natural and conversational and less “salesy”.  If you are under the 140-character limit – excess words are not a problem and you can add some filler words.

When word count and character count are vital – and you want to trim your word count even further – here are some extra tips.


I’ll share how to trim the “already good” example from the Australian Writers’ Centre.


Too many words? Some tips for slimming down the word count.

1.You don’t need some

2. Use the simplest tense – turn for slimming into to slim

3. Omit the redundant “slim down” – slim is enough – so you slim UP? I know slim down sounds conversational. I’d use the word trim instead of slim.

4. Omit articles such as the and a


Now, I understand the Writers Centre adds words to sound conversational. When we speak we are usually “looser”.

When you need to reduce more words – you can trim

Some tips for slimming down the word count


 Tips to trim word count

Why bother?

Where word count  and space matter – these extra edits can slash the word count:

From 8 to 5 words –  3/8 tighter  –  37.5% saving

9 syllables to 5 –  4/9  tighter – 44.4%  saving (in writing for broadcast news and speeches syllables matter)

If you count the spaces between words – as you do in twitter character limits – you can trim from 43 to 22!  –   21/43 tighter  – 48% saving

(I was always better with words than with numbers – so I believe my calculations are accurate – but I’m open to correction!)

Be sure to add words to sweeten the tweet

Tweets that are too brief can sound abrupt and uninviting- so the trimmest word count is not necessarily the best.

I like to make sure every word “earns its place” in a message.

After writing tight, I  sweeten a short tweet .

In the Australian Writers’ Centre example, I’d shorten and sweeten to this:

Too many words? Some tips to trim your word count.

I trimmed the redundant down and changed for slimming to to trim.

Your is more engaging than theand some sounds conversational.

olivetti CU

If you learned some tips  this post – Let’s connect!

I blog about fun stuff as well as more serious business topics.

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