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How you can “use” The VOICE to make you a better writer

The Voice

Are you a fan of The Voice?

Most of my family and many of my friends are avid watchers – but I  deliberately choose NOT to watch it.

I’m talking about The Australian version of The Voice which is very popular at the moment.


It’s not that I don’t like The Voice.

It’s just that I’m following (and modifying) some business advice and writing advice from one of my business “heroes” – US expert Chris Brogan in one of his podcasts I regularly listen to.

Yes – I’m a real podcast nerd!

Chris was talking about how you need to  make time for writing when you lead such a busy life.

Chris was talking about how you have to make choices and that choice may be that you don’t watch popular shows that the rest of the world seems to love.

You have to give up something !

I think (if recall correctly) that Chris was talking about  show American Idol  – but the same principle applies to any popular TV show.

I’ve taken Chris’s approach even further in that I actually use The Voice as a “trigger” or prompt.

When The Voice comes on – that’s my cue to go do some writing.

Plus the rest of  my family is busy – do I can work uninterrupted! Double score!!

Many of you may decide that The Voice is too good to miss – and I GROK that –  just pick another popular show to “give up” in exchange for time to work on your writing – or whatever else you need to do to advance your business.

Now I don’t want you to think that I am a total TV abstainer.

I too have shows I absolutely must watch – Downtown Abbey, Mad Men and Game of Thrones.

I use Mad Man inspiration for lots of my serious business work!


So, I encourage you:

  1. Exchange some viewing time for some doing time  – time to work  on your writing or  other business projects
  2. Pick, for example, a popular and regular TV show that everyone else seems to be enjoying
  3. Use that show as a prompt to go work on your project

Sure, you won’t know what everyone else seems to be talking about. As Chris Brogan says you (and I’m paraphrasing):

You may be behind the news in what’s happening  on these popular show – but you’ll be ahead  in advancing your  creative project or business venture.

If you’re interesting in finding out about Chris’s tips here’s a link to his site.

I find his Human Business approach so inspiring.

He know lots of things – but  I WARN YOU he does have certain “knowledge gaps”

Don’t expect him to know much about The Voice or Idol

human business way

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2 comments on “How you can “use” The VOICE to make you a better writer

  1. maggiesalisbury
    April 21, 2013

    You raise such a valid point here, I find myself doing the same. It’s a huge commitment to keep a good blog going. My writing time is during football matches! Gets the whole family out of the way…Although saying that, I also write during The Voice, but I write my running commentary of it…perhaps not what you were implying? Great point though

    • efangelist
      April 21, 2013

      Thanks Maggie. yes – if you are serious about making time to write – you have to “trade” something.

      I just choose to “trade” The Voice – because the show is a great prompt for me to do some writing or work on projects. Plus, as you say with your football matches, the rest of the family is “out of the way.” Personally, I wound’y trade my favourite football games, but am happy to trade the Voice. It comes down to personal preferences. I’m just finding the idea is proving to be so helpful. As I mentioned, the idea came from Chris Brogan who was talking about, I think, a show like American Idol. I know lots of my friends Tweet during The Voice – it’s a great use of twitter where friends are apart yet together commenting by tweets!

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