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#BetterWritingTips: YIP-pie ki yay success formula for kick-ass #blogging

#BetterWritingTips: YIP-pie ki yay success formula for kick-ass  writing and blogging

Yippie Ki Yay

Now you may not think that Die Hard and Yippie Ki Yay can help you improve your writing – but this memory advice can help you write in a more engaging style!

If you want to write more exciting blogs (even business blogs that are usually so boring) I firmly recommend you use the YIP-ie kI yay formula – well the YIP part anyway!

The YIP memory device will help you make your blogs:

  1. more audience-focussed and engaging and
  2. more human and personal and real

As you can probably tell I’m a huge Bruce Willis fan and I love those kick-ass Die Hard Movies.

Young Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland before winning scholarship to study in the US
Young Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland before winning scholarship to study in the US

I’m a lawyer turned serious senior business consultant who helps organisations improve their business communicaton – but at heart I’m still a “big kid” who loves his movies and action heroes!


I try to inject some “fun” into what can be a very boring topics – of Business Writing and Business Presenting.

I love it when these senior exec I train have to say out loud YIP-ie ki kay! – to help them remember the YIP formula!

Through strategic fun and simplicity these execs (and other staff)  will always remember the main points – the points  you can  also take away from this post:

1. Start with your audience!

Most business blogs are boring because they start off all about the organisation.

Be more audience-focussed. Put your audience first in your writing. You do this by using the word YOU.

2. Dare to reveal just a little about yourself and reveal your passion. Many business blogs are dry and dull and boring because the writers are trapped in the old-school writing style of professional detachment. Put a bit of the I (but not too much of course)

3. Move into your main points – but only after you start with your audience and revealing just a bit about who you are.

Now you’ve probably worked out what the YIP stands for in the YIP-ie ki yay formula.

It’s an easy structure for follow.

You – I – Points

Look back at the first few paragraphs of this post to see the YIP in action.

Some of the first words in your blog should be YOU.

In a post about the power of words to make your tweets more engaging, I share about why the word YOU is so powerful. In that post you’ll see this metaphor for the word YOU.

But what do I do after I start with the YIP part? How do I end the blog?

There are many ways you can bring your blog to a great close.

The close the circle technique is one and you can see it in action in this post about how Peter Bregman from the Harvard Business Review closes the circle.


Closing the circle is where you come back around to link in with the start of your blog.

You can also – end with a memorable call to action!

Now, as fond as I am of Die HardBruce Willis and Yip-pie Ki Yay – I strongly suggest you keep the Mother#$%^ bit of his quote of OUT your business blog writing!


YIP-ie ki yay!


Say it – Remember it – Use it!


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So – who is writing this ? 

Hi, I’m Tony Biancotti and I’m a lawyer turned journalist and  business communication consultant.

Sure, I can be an over-enthusiastic “nerd” when it comes to business communication – but I get  lots of feedback that people like my enthusiastic knowledge of and passion for the power of words and images and  techniques of engaging people.

I will share with you practical and easy-to-apply tips I’ve gathered over many years working as a:

  • TV journalist
  • political speechwriter
  • lawyer
  • blogger
  • musician and performer
  • coach and trainer in persuasionpositive messagespresenting and better e-mail and business writing.


I’m based in Brisbane, Australia – and regularly travel for work throughout Australia and Asia-Pacific.


Oh, and if you liked that cool Bruce Willis image in the style of an Obama poster, you can find that and lots of other cool Bruce Willis stuff here at:
Yippie Ki Yay

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