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#LegalMarketingTips:The future of Law Firm Marketing – Why Aust firms should learn from Canada

Why Australian Law firms should learn from the Canadian legal profession – and  this Canadian expert 


If you work in Australian Law and especially if you want to know about the future of Law Firm Marketing and Practice, you really should follow this Canadian legal social media expert – Jordan Furlong  who now uses his legal background (Toronto law firm, Canadian Bar Association) as a senior  social media consultant  – specialising in helping law firms.

I have no business connection with Jordan. I’m just a fan of his work and his writing style. We do connect by twitter and I  seriously study his writing style and his analysis of legal websites.

You can learn so much about the latest developments in the law and social media.

Jordan’s thought pieces are insightful and he’s plugged into other great writers from around the world on this  niche topic.

You can even learn, – as I do – by “studying” his social media style – for example by studying how he tweets and blogs.

And…because he’s in Canada and we are in Australia – you can probably study  and learn from his examples without being bombarded by “salesy stuff”.

Jordan analyses legal websites from around the world. I’m a real legal website “nerd” too and  maybe that’s why I like his style – deep, detailed and supported by evidence.

Marakesh shoes

I “discovered” Jordan’s work from one of his great articles about why an Australian law firm (Marque) leads the world with its lawyer bios.

I’ve been enjoying and learning from  Jordan’s posts and articles ever since.

I think Australian lawyers will find Jordan’s legal marketing approach very suited for our Australian Legal profession.

From my experience, Canadian law marketing is “more proper” and “less pushy” than US law marketing.

I love to learn from the US style too – but I find the Canadian approach more applicable to Australians.

I think it’s partly because of our shared British background and often more-reserved nature. (I know many Canadians have  a French background – I’m talking Canadians with British connections who love their tea and British spelling the BBC and British comedies!)

Anyway, you should check Justin out and see what you think.

Here’s a link to Justin’s site  with some great articles including the one about why the Marque Australian firm leads the way in the world with its legal bios.

I’m going back on-line now to analyse in nerdy detail how Jordan tweets.

In future posts, I’ll analyse Jordan’s tweeting style to find little twicks (twitter writing tricks)  we can all use.

So who is writing this? The person behind the post!

Young Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland before winning scholarship to study in the US

Young Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland before winning scholarship to study in the US

Hi, I’m Tony Biancotti – a  Australian lawyer turned journalist and business communication coach.

I enjoy (and have become pretty good at)  helping businesses win more business and  improve their marketing.

Modern law firm marketing in particular is  at the “sweet spot” – the intersection of my experience and skills.

My speciality is helping lawyers improve the way they write and engage and connect with their audience.

I share the latest techniques and best practices from the best legal practices around the world.


Let’s connect!

You can just learn from the tips I post or you can contact me if you’d like some in-person help with your legal marketing.

tony biancotti



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tony biancotti


Syd+Bris+Singapore-Presentation/communication trainer(talkforce) +CEO=Chief E-fan-gelism Officer – E-fan-gelist

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