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#WTFudd -Why Elmer Fudd would be so great for Twitter! – some light weeding (reading)

If you’re in the mood for some light diversion – just think of how good Elmer Fudd would be inventing catchy words for Twitter! Maybe you can use the Fudd technique to create some new twitter twerminology!


You know Elmer Fudd – the cartoon character  who says  Rs as Ws cw-eating (creating) things like:

“Be vewwy, vewwy qw-iet” and “I’m hunting W-abbits”

Most words come out with a W sound and I w-uv that about Fudd.

Anyway, I’ve been working today on helping businesses improve their social media (in particular Twitter writing) and I’ve been working to make the subject more entertaining and memorable – finding out “cool” twitter language like:

Tweetorial – a tutorial on twitter

Twabstinence – cutting back on (abstaining from) Twitter time

Twalking – the dangerous practice of tweeting while you are walking and not looking where you are going

I started to come up with a few expressions of  Twitter Twerminolgy of my own. (I’m not saying I’m the only one to think of these – but I made them up by myself today )

… and the words kept coming out in an Elmer Fudd voice.

Words like: (in your head or out loud say them in a croaky Elmer Fudd voice!)

Att-waction – how to attract attention with your words on Twitter

Twubble (Twouble) Twitter trouble – as in I got into twouble for my rude tweet my tweet-heart saw

Tw-expertise and Tw-experts  – expertise  and experts

entertW-ainment – a light-hearted entertaining tweets


I think for  a Twitter word – it helps to have TW in the words you create

I reckon so many normal words that Elmer Fudd would Twy to say would sound like Twitter terms.

What enterTW-aining Elmer Fudd-style twitter terms can YOU think off?

Please add to the comments.

If you’re interested in improving your  Tw-iting and your Twitter AttWaction:



My Fun side:


My more ser-wious (serious) side:

word nerd

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