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Why you should use Feeding and Reading times and the On-line River – for your social media messages

Why you should use Feeding and Reading times and the On-line River – for your social media messages

coffee time

river 2 

If you want to engage more people with your social media messages and boost your business visibility I encourage you to use the concepts of:

  1. Feeding and Reading times
  2. The On-line River

I recently harnessed the concepts and moved a project I was working (ProBonoBono) on to number 2 in the world in world-wide search.

 PBB search 2


It’s all about timing – Quick context for you:


I was in Australia at the time (home after lots of overseas travel) – and I wanted to boost my visibility  – specfically to a US audience.

I got up in the middle of the early morning (Australian time) to see the video release on Bono’s TED talk – timed by TED for a couple of weeks after the actual talk.

factivist Bono

I enjoyed what I saw – it was worth getting up for and (realizing that timing is everything) I blogged on my analysis of his persuasion techniques and “timed” sharing my blog for when US readers would be “feeding and reading”.

and the results of this timing speak for themselves – the traffic moved my blog to number two in the world on this topic of Bono and his TED video. I was stoked! More importantly, YOU can get stoked when you boost your  visibility by calculating the best timing for:

Feeding and Reading

I believe this phrase feeding and reading is my creation. (I’ll have to search and check) – but it’s the concept that you should use and you should think when the audience you want to attract is:


Feeding their faces or feeding their minds (often by reading on-line) or stopping for a coffee break.

vespa coffee cup

Busy business people like to jump on-line when they take a coffee or lunch break – and have a quick browse of what’s happening on-line.

Also, many people  get bored with their work and need a little hit of excitement from social media.

For some people – they like to check what’s happening first thing  in the morning when they wake up.

coffee break reading

I know the timing can be hard when you have audiences in different time zones (and even different industries or rising/eating habits) – however it’s worth the effort to send your messages at times when the main audience you want to attract  in likely to be “down by the On-line River

What’s the heck is the On-line River?

Now the On-line River concept comes from the fact that social media is a fast moving stream.

US Social Media and Business Strategy expert Chris Brogan talks about how you shouldn’t try to consume (drink) it all – just go down and dip in your bucket. (These may not be his actual words –  but I remember the  general metaphor from one of his great podcasts). Yes, this inspired the on-line river folksy and visually memorable metaphor. Thanks Chris!

human business way

Content flows and flows quickly – content gets replaced my more-recent content. It’s a constantly flowing, often rapidly flowing stream or river. With some social media like twitter it’s like rapids – whoooosssh – it rushes by –  and often it’s gone…out of view!

You have to think of times when your audience is likely to be down by the  on-line river/stream/rapids and likely to see your message flowing/rushing by. You get the idea!

I know there are social media tools you can use to time the release of your content so it flows by when your audience is down by the on-line river. (That’s not the subject of this post.)

So, if you haven’t been doing this already – I encourage you to get your messages seen by more people – by:

  1. thinking about your particular audience who you want to see your messages
  2. calculating their feeding and reading times
  3. releasing your messages so they pass by when your audience is down by On-Line River with a chance to see your messages.

Now, of course – Timing is just part of it.

There’s lots of competition for audience attention – and I’ll write about how to get attention in future posts.

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You can check out Chris Brogan‘s podcasts and website via this link: (it’s definitely worth it!)

If you are interested in that analysis on how Bono persuades – follow this link:

So – who is writing this ? 

Hi, I’m Tony Biancotti and I’m a laugh-loving lawyer turned journalist and  business communication consultant.

Sure, I can be an over-enthusiastic “nerd” when it comes to business communication – but I get  lots of feedback that people like my enthusiastic knowledge of and passion for the power of words and images and  techniques of engaging people.

word nerd

I will share with you practical and easy-to-apply tips I’ve gathered over many years working as a:

  • TV journalist
  • political speechwriter
  • lawyer
  • blogger
  • musician and performer
  • coach and trainer in persuasionpositive messagespresenting and better e-mail and business writing.





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