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Do you love your name or hate it? In search of a good, searchable name


Do you love your name or hate it? Did you  used to hate it – did it “embarrass you” when you were a kid?

I used to not like my last name Biancotti – because it was different.

War Memorials

As a boy I’d look for “my Biancotti name” on the War Memorial statues around Australia and it was never there.

I wanted  a name like the names of the fallen heroes. (That’s the way boys think!) I’d search every war memorials in every town I’d visit – searching for my name.

One day, my dad explained why there were no Biancotti names on the statues – the Italians were “on the other side” in World War II. In WWI Australia mainly had people with British names.

Australians with Italian last names did fight for Australia – but I never saw a Biancotti on one of those memorials.

I hope my parents don’t see this post – but having a different name can be difficult when as a kid you just want to fit in.

Did you ever feel the same if you had a non-common name!

When you get older – especially in business – it helps to have a name that stands out – and makes you easier to FIND.

Former Facebook exec and movie exec Chris Adams – my Chris Adams Project collaborator who teaches me so much about business and social media –  convinced me that Biancottii was good for business because it stood out.

He explained that Chris Adams was a difficult name in terms of being easy to find because Chris and Adams are such common names and the combination Chris Adams is very common too.

Plus, there are very famous other people with the name Chris Adams – including a wrestler and a singer.

When people search Chris Adams – they usually find this.

Chris Adams

This is not the Chris Adams I know – but they DO have similar dress sense!

OK here’s the Chris Adams I know.

Chris Adams image.001

Chris convinced me that Biancotti made me easier to find.

Problems with your first name too.

Another “problem” can be your first name. My real name is Anthony – but I also go by Tony – so I need to list both names in tags to be easier to be found under both names. Mind you, Biancotti is so distinctive – a search reveals both Tony and Anthony – plus all the other Biancottis around Australia and  the world. Another challenge with “ethnic” naming (not just Italian names) – often different generations have the same first names. It’s respecting previous generations.

Who is Michael Bradley ?

Yesterday, I was trying to contact on social media a very progressive Australian lawyer Michael Bradley.

(He is from a firm that leads the world in its progressive approach to website design and lawyer bios and I wanted to contact him and find out more about this ideas and approach. Link at the end of this post – if this area interests you.)

Do you know how many Michael Bradleys there are?

The good news is I found the Michael Bradley I was looking for (by adding other details) AND I found another amazing Michael Bradley from the US on Twitter.

Michael Bradley

Writer/Broadcaster/Defender of Truth and Justice in the World of Sports


I didn’t know this guy but I wanted to and I DID connect with him.

  1. Because his description made him sound interesting (to me at least) – the attitude.
  2. On his twitter page – he had photos of Springsteen in concert that were similar to photos I  recently took of Springsteen in concert on his Australian tour.

“We liked the same music – we liked the same bands – we liked Springsteen song quotes ” (To borrow from Bruce!”)


Yeah –  I got THIS close  when the Boss was out in the street – I mean out in the crowd – this is not a shot of the screen.


I know in my eFANgelism work I keep going on and on about how revealing your passions (what you are a FAN of) can help you stand out in social media and business and make you more interesting to people with similar interests.


So my main points for you:

  1. The more common your name – the more you have to work at standing out in different ways
  2. Be aware of your name and how you can make yourself findable – especially if you go by different names and nicknames
  3. Don’t worry if you have an unusual name – but do try to make it easy for people to spell and remember . For example most people know how to spell Bianco so I say it’s Bianco with TTI on the end.

This post has got me thinking about how I haven’t caught up with Chris Adams for a while. He’s been busy with a new job –  but this has inspired me to make an effort to catch up soon.

Here’s a link to The Chris Adams Project:

and a link to why that (Michael Bradley) legal website is so progressive:

So who is the Tony Biancotti who is writing this  ?

Hi, I’m Tony Biancotti and I’m a lawyer turned journalist and  business communication consultant.

Sure, I can be an over-enthusiastic “nerd” when it comes to business communication – but I get  lots of feedback that people like my enthusiastic knowledge of and passion for the power of words and images and  techniques of engaging people.

word nerd

I will share with you practical and easy-to-apply tips I’ve gathered over many years working as a:

  • TV journalist
  • political speechwriter
  • lawyer
  • blogger
  • musician and performer
  • coach and trainer in persuasionpositive messagespresenting and better e-mail and business writing.

I’m based in Brisbane, Australia – and regularly travel for work

You can contact me on    or on Linked In or Facebook. Tony is of course short for Anthony .

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