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Numbers can numb – on paper (or on screen) and in your spoken presentations. Not everyone gets the significance of numbers. You can become a better communicator by making numbers meaningful. You can learn from how Bono makes numbers meaningful – and dramatic.

Do you know the U2’s song Numb? The Edge (on purpose) sings in a flat monotonous mantra – where all the words become so numbing and dull.

Numbers and statistics can be numbing too. The more numbers you give – the greater the risk of numbing your audience. You can be far more effective if you “paint a picture” (make it visual) to make the numbers meaningful.

When speaking in Washington D.C. at the 54th National Prayer Breakfast (link at the end of this post for you to check out), Bono could have just aid:

“In Africa, 150,000 people die a month.”

Instead  – his…

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