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Just been watching some Guy Kawasaki presentations on youtube – so I thought I’d re-blog this vlog where Chris Adams shares why he thinks Guy is one of the best presenters in the business!

Chris Adams Project (CAP)

You can learn a lot from Guy Kawasaki about how to be a more effective presenter and communicator.

I recommend you check out his videos of presentations (there are plenty on youtube and on-line) and read his books.

Former movie exec and Facebook exec Chris Adams is an experienced presenter and communicator in his own right – but you should see Chris lights up with enthusiasm and gets “on a roll”when we get chatting about Guy Kawasaki!

Chris says Guy is one of the best presenters he has ever seen – period!

Guy is the “Presenter’s Presenter” and he has influenced and encouraged many “rock stars” of Presentation such as Garr Reynolds (famous and highly influential himself for his book and blog Presentation Zen).

Guy’s presentation (and writing) style and philosophy gave me the “courage” to add more passion and more of the “personal” to my writing and…

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