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If you want to be a better presenter – be a FAN of Garr Reynolds

If you want to be a better presenter – be a FAN of Garr Reynolds.

I’m a massive fan of Garr Reynolds and I recommend that you become one too.

As a communication consultant and presentation trainer I study “the best in the business”. With many experts I respect their expertise and “content”, but others like Garr go further create a deeper connection.

I’ve tried to seriously analyze and “break it down” what makes the difference in creating a deeper connection and my conclusion is: experts like Garr share more than just their expertise – they share their passions and what they are fans of.

They create “common ground” that connects with “like-minded people”. I haven’t met Garr – but I feel like I “know” him.

I am a big FAN of Garr’s  because of shared FANliness. (That word sounds very Colbert!)

Garr’s passions (what he is a FAN of) intersect with my big passions.

  1. The Zen-Steve Jobs style. As you’d expect from the name Presentation Zen, Garr is a big FAN of the Zen aesthetic and Steve Jobs’s Zen-inspired presentation style (and design of Apple products). Garr’s site is packed with his enthusiastic (yet evidence-backed) passion for the Steve Jobs Zen style.   A Common passion connection.

emptiness is full of promise – Zen minimalism

I created this photo with the help of my 8-year old son Orlando. Anyone familiar with the Steve Jobs Zen style would probably be familiar with the original inspiration for the photo – the minimalist way Steve liked to live – especially in the early days.

2.Music In researching more about Garr I found more about him and his interests  – and not just his academic and professional side.  Garr is a keen drummer.

3. Family    Being a father is a big passion and “driver” for me and it was interesting to see that Garr’s facebook profile shot (the way we like to present ourselves to the world) is as a father. And another common passion connection.

If you are not already familiar with Presentation Zen, I recommend you check it out.

I must confess when I first studied Presentation Zen, I thought “This is cool – but it doesn’t apply to my world.

The presentations I work on are “too complex and too big” for the Zen style.”  I’ve since changed my mind – as you’ll read in a future post about “The Day Presentation Zen Rocked My World and Changed My Life!”

Here’s a link to Garr’s Presentation Zen

Here is a link to a youtube clip of Garr’s presentation style.


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