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How Business Evangelism can make you more effective in your work

Wow, I’ve had lots of interesting reaction to my post about How Lawyers (and other professionals) can use e-Fan-gelism to win more business and make more money

Some readers wanted to know more and liked the tips on how to “stand out from the pack” of other professionals.

Others commented that they were confused  – they thought e-Fan-gelism was “some religious thing” – not relevant to their business and work.

Here is a quick explanation of Business Evangelism and how it can help you in your work. – and how e-Fan-gelism (putting the FAN in evangelism) can help even further

Evangelism in its original sense was  religious – about spreading the gospel.

In the 1990s successful businesses modified the term for Business Evangelism – spreading business brand messages. One of the most famous business evangelists is Guy Kawasaki who used his great enthusiasm and communication skills to help develop a devoted fanbase for Apple products .

Here is a good snapshot on Guy – The Evangelist’s Evangelist. I’m a big FAN of Guy’s style.

E-Fan-gelism – with an “F” rather than “V” is a brand of evangelism where I help people harness their passions for things they are FANs of to help get their messages across.

Here’s a quick example of how e-Fan-gelism works

Travel and adventure are common and potent passions. See how you can use photos of your passions to e-Fan-gelise a presentation

A client was presenting in-house about how to “fill out forms” on line. The presentation was technically competent but very detailed and dry. The presenter seemed apologetic about the dry nature of the content.

So, we added some E-fan-gelism.

How could we connect the subject matter to

  1. What the audience would be more passionate about (FANs of) and
  2. What the presenter could legitimately be more passionate about (a FAN of).

I asked the presenter questions to  dig deeper and tap in to some passion to give the presentation greater spark.


Q: What will this presentation help the audience do?

A: It will help the audience fill out the forms on line correctly

Q: So they can…? (What is something more interesting?)

A: So they can apply for and get leave.

Q: OK that’s better – so they can…?

A: Attend a funeral

Q: Anything else? (something more positive!)

A: So they can….go on vacation.

Q: OK – that’s the passion hook!  You’re not teaching your audience how to fill out forms on-line – you are helping them go on vacation!

So the presenter starts of the e-Fan-gelised presentation not as they “IT nerd” taking the audience through a series of screenshots – but as a snowboarder on vacation. A full-screen photo of her snowboarding to start the presentation.

She starts off showing a more passionate (and cooler) side that shows a common connection with the audience. Then there are some quick engaging questions to the audience  – ”Where do you like to go for vacation? Where’s your next vacation?

Then there’s the pivot from passionate opening to the presentation. “Well today I’m going to show you how to fill out your forms to make sure you can get your leave to go on your vacations.”

More photos of holiday destinations strategically placed throughout the presentation add variety  and break up the monotony of computer screen shots – and remind the audience of the hook to how this will help them pursue their passion for travel and adventure.

Can you see how injecting a dash of passion (what the presenter AND the audience are FANs of) e-Fan-gelises the presentation?

  1. The presenter is more passionate and interesting – and less dry and apologetic.
  2. The presentation is more engaging – and effective in getting important messages across
  3. The audience is more interested in the subject matter of the presentation because it will help them connect with their passion for vacation and travel.

I trust that helps you understand how evangelism is not just a “religious thing” these day and can be used in business.

I also hope it clarifies what e-Fan-gelism is:

e-Fan-gelism  = Evangelism (spreading your message) + injecting passions (what you are a Fan of)




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