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E-fan-gelism – how to get attention + connection + action: What we can learn from ABC’s Kirsten MacGregor!

e-Fan-gelism – What you can learn from ABC Newsreader Kirsten MacGregor –

Does anyone know how I can get in contact with ABC newsreader Kirsten MacGregor? (K-Mac)

This was originally going to be just a request sent out to my Facebook friends and not a post but I’ve turned it into a post – because it perfectly illustrates e-Fan-gelism and what you can do to get attention and action for your messages.

To my Brisbane-based Facebook friends, I’m hoping you can help me contact Kirsten (K-Mac). She is leaving her job today as morning newsreader on ABC radio and I want to help her with her new adventure. I’ve e-mailed a general ABC address but she will be so busy I fear she may not get the message. I googled her to find a Facebook address – and I found a scantily clad woman by he same name in the UK.  I suspect it’s not the same person.

Now, as I’ll explain later, I will probably get in so much trouble from my wife – but I feel compelled to do this all due to the power of E-fan-gelism.

So what is e-Fan-gelism?

e-Fan-gelism is all about harnessing what you are a fan of – and revealing personal passions – to form better relationships and lasting connections  – social and business ones. – and for presenting and persuading more effectively.

eVangelism (with the V not F) is spreading your good message. It started with religious evangelism spreading the good word– but these days it also refers to spreading the message about your business or cause or brand. Guy Kawasaki is a famous for being a brand evangelist including his time as an Apple evangelist. Evangelism is a big buzzword in business these days.

e-Fan-gelism is about spreading your message by harnessing your passions and sharing what you are a fan of.


 evangelism + your passion (what you are a fan of) = e-Fan-gelism

(As far as I know I made up the expression. I’m a word nerd and a big fan of word play and making up new expressions – neologisms.).

What’s e-Fan-gelism got to do with Kirsten MacGregor?

She is a great example we can  all learn from when we want to spread the word about what we believe in.

Kirsten is an ABC newsreader I enjoy listening to – but what turned me from being just a passive listener to someone wanting to bother to get in contact with her was e-Fan-gelism – discovering that we were both fans of two things.

  1. Depeche Mode’s  “I Just Can’t Get Enough” –     da-da   da-da-da-da-da
  2. NFPs (that’s not-for-profit organisations – not some band name like LMFAO)

Kirsten is a serious and credible newsreader. She also does a silly segment called the Kitchen Dance.

Listeners select request their favourite song to dance to around their kitchen.  (so retro! – dancing to the wireless.) Kirsten has been selecting some of her personal favourite kitchen dancing songs. She has been able to reveal a sillier, fun side and share the music she is a fan of – it’s a touch of the personal.

I’ve been listening to the Kitchen Dance segment for a couple of months now as I drive. This week was different.  Kristen played one of her favourites, which happened to be one of my all-time favourite songs too – Depeche Mode’s “I Just Can’t Get Enough”.


Ka-ching! I got buy-in! That song reminds me (and I’m sure a lot of other people) of a very happy time in our lives. 1982 I think it was. For readers too young to remember this there’s a link to a video at the end of this post. It’s not the Black Eyed Peas song by the same name.

The song connects me with her. It connects me with very happy memories. So, it associates her with the positive vibe.  I don’t know her (never met her) but I feel like we share something – even if it’s just a common favourite song.

That’s the e-Fan-gelism equation. (I know it’s not technically an equation

but you get the idea)

CP   causes    Y + A  and A+PE  resulting in  Y = PE

CP = Common passion

The common passion connects you with your audience (Y+A)

The Common passion makes the audience think of a Positive Experience  (PE)

Hence, You get the positive effect of being connected with the Positive Experience and greater rapport, engagement and trust with your audience.

e-Fan-gelism helps cut-though and gets attention AND action.

So I’m then motivated to google Kristen to find out why she is leaving the ABC. I feel like I am “permitted” contact her. Hey, she seems not just the serious newsreader anymore – but more approachable. E-Fan-gelism has that power. I find out other things she is a fan of and why she is leaving the ABC.

You can check out the ABC link here:

Kirsten is leaving to help a  QIMR (Queensland Institute of Medical Research) an NFP organisation she believes in

Check out  a link at the end of this post.

Kirsten describes herself as the “world’s oldest idealist” and is passionate about helping  the “good work” of NFPs. Ka-ching! – more buy-in – another common connection – and in this case a big one for me – I’m sold! Some of you may know I am also an 80s idealist who helps NFPs. I help noble causes for free (pro Bono) inspired by the humanitarian work of U2’s Bono. I want to offer Kristen to help with some Pro Bono Bono. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is a Bono fan too. It was a common trait of 80s idealists

E-fan-gelism Lessons for you

  1. When you reveal things you are a fan of you make another, deeper level of connection. By showing a less serious side and by establishing common interests with “your audience” you appear more approachable and human
  2. Reveal things you are sincerely passionate about. I don’t know who came up with the Kitchen Dance idea and letting the newsreader pick some of her favourite songs but in my opinion it is radio programming genius!

It personalizes the show and integrates different parts of the programming – the serious and credible newsreader gets to show a different side and connect more with the other on-air talent and in turn with the listeners. It’s pleasant to hear a touch of the personal favourites rather just  all the songs programmed by someone else – often the PD (Program Director). PDs have a vital job – but it’s good to have the occasional song chosen by the on-air talent (IMHO). Just look at the positive feedback comments on that ABC link. If Kirsten remained “just” a reader and did not get a chance to show her personality and her laugh I don’t think she would get as strong an audience reaction.

    3. Social media and business websites are a wonderful way to (1) display your sincere passions and (2) to “research” the passions of your audience to see what passions and interests you have in common.

If I hadn’t heard the song (that was one of my favourite songs) and heard about her passion for NFPs, I probably would not have wanted to contact her to offer my help pro bono.

This post is getting long so I’ll continue this story in the next post:

Why this may get me in big trouble with my wife + More on What You Can Learn from Kirsten MacGregor about E-fan-gelism.

Ok here are the links I promised:

The great song “I Just Can’t Get Enough”.

The QIMR Kristen is passionate about.

I’m serious about wanting to contact Kirsten. Please don’t display her contact details where others can read it. Please message me privately. Maybe forward this blog to her.



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