putting the FAN in evangelism – spreading your messages by daring to share what you are a FAN of

The anatomy of a great post – and how you can “borrow” from it to make your posts more engaging

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You spend time bothering to write posts for your blog (Business or personal) You’ve got lots of expertise – but it seems your posts are getting…

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How to write “real world” posts that resonate and get response

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Don’t you love it when you read a message that really resonates with you? A message that connects with your world – the real world! This…

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How to make your messages Resonate – the Nancy Duarte tea cup story

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When you want to make your messages connect with your audience – you can learn lots from Nancy Duarte’s Resonate. I’ve read it dozens of times.…

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Ewen McKenzie – side-stepping difficult questions – go wide, go forward

If you need to get past a difficult question – you can borrow a technique used recently by former Wallabies Coach Ewen McKenzie in the lead-up to Blesisloe Cup 3. … Continue reading

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How artistic performance can boost your workplace performance

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of the word “performance“? The business part of me thinks of workplace performance – meeting KPIs – key performance indicators … Continue reading

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If you are going to bother #Blogging or #Vlogging – you must take it seriously and make it happen. Pt 1 – Tips here

I you start blogging or vlogging (video blogging) – I encourage you to take it seriously. Don’t make it something you do AFTER you’ve done all your other work. Don’t … Continue reading

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Why do so many business people forget this “success essential”

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If your want to improve your business presentations – do something you probably used to do – but stopped doing. It’s so simple – yet so…

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